Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October Mix, yeeeeeeah

1. Disco Biscuit Love - The Jezabels
2. Dog - Andy Bull ft. Lisa Mitchell
3. This too Shall Pass - OK go
4. Postcards - An Horse
5. Your Body is a Machine - The Good Natured
6. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
7. Astronauts - Otouto
8. Ceaser - I Blame Coco
9. Hold my Hand - Unkle
10. How to Tame a Lion - Megan Washington
11. Poison - Your Kid Sister
12. Sailor Song - Ben Wells and the Middle Names
13. All These Things - Darren Hanlon
14. Fuck You - Cee Lo Green
15. All For Myself - Sufjan Stevens
16. The Fountain of Youth - Boy Crisis
17. Horchata - Vampire Weekend
18. Pot Kettle Black - Tilly and the Wall
19. Young Blood - The Naked and Famous
20. Breakaway - Gypsy and the Cat

Sunday, October 17, 2010

You’ve got too much to wear on your sleeves

When I'm alone I feel so much better.
But I just can't explain why.
And where the fuck were you when I needed you the most?

Monday, October 11, 2010

I took the cat for a walk, things are looking up.

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?
– Alice in Wonderland.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

I think I can, I think I can.

I have realised lately, that in the spare of the moment I can never think of anything good to say. I have a late reaction to situations and conversations, and hours later I think up all these intelligent ways of improving the outcome. It's quite frustrating really, because then I try to discretely bring up the topic again, just so I can get the few things I want to say out of my system.

I would really like it, if just this once, things worked out.

My hopes are so high.
Please, don't let me down.

Friday, September 24, 2010

You lay waste to the world and everything in it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
If you haven't seen the British television show 'Skins' then you are missing out.
Even more if you have not seen season one and two.
There is a character. Cassie Ainsworth.
Something about her amazes me.
She always uses words like 'lovely' and 'wow'
And she looks at everything so differently to anyone I have ever seen before.
She is nothing short of messed up. She suffers from both anorexia and depression.

But she always seems so elated.

"I didn't eat for three days, so I could be lovely"
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Talking of love, wow, I love love. Love is like your best friend that you don’t see a lot."
"Oh wow... but, fuck you"
"I like reading really big books with big words. And holding the book up to my face so that no one can see me. And then taking it down again, so that everyone can."
"But I like that you're funny looking. It's cute, like, wow."
"And he squashed my slug. My slug called Sidley, so I threw him out."

I like her clothes, because her style is incomparable.
I like her personality, because she is so dissimilar.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 2010 Compilation

1. Treats - Sleigh Bells
2. Sarah Is For Lovers - Blud
(You may have to get this one off free download, of course)
3. Empathy - Crystal Castles
4. Don't Stop - Innerpartysystem
5. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
6. My Keys, Your Boyfriend - Everything Everything
7. Lies - Fenech-Soler
8. Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells
9. Rabbit Song - Boy and Bear
10. Call It Off - Tegan and Sara
11. Do You Mind (Kyla Cover) - The XX
12. There's Nothing In The Water - Cloud Control
13. Boy With A Coin - Iron and Wine
14. Kids - Sleigh Bells
15. La La La La La! - Boy Eats Drum Machine
16. Arrow - Tegan and Sara
17. Slick - Chew Lips
18. Doubt - Delphic
19. Bang Bang Bang - Mark Ronson and The Business INTL
20. I Don't Want To Go - Scenic Square

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Simplement parce que je m'ennuie

I have decided to take my blog in a new direction.
I have spent days pondering over what my blog could consist of.
And all I came up with was a wonderful idea of sharing life experiences.
But I then realised, my life is not really that interesting, and it would quickly turn into a not-so-wonderful and mostly mundane retelling of cupcakes I have enjoyed and times I've set the washing machine to the wrong cycle.
So I decided to use my blog as a way to set myself goals.
Yes, that means lists.
And if anything, I am a GOD at writing lists.
And to share with you these lists I am going to construct a mini lists in which my lists will be listed.
List does not sound like a word anymore...
Anyway, I am writing this MAIN LIST (when I was reading over this, I could have sworn it said man list) mostly to remind myself that there are actually things I want to do, and if at a later date I decided I cannot be bothered, well... It's my blog. I can do what I want. BAZINGA!

Every month I make myself a mixed CD. I'm going to start sharing the playlists of these CDS with you. Although I am yet to think of a witty name for these playlists... But I will worry about that lately.

A Bucket List.
Everyone's doing it, so why not?
Within this I would also like to include a '40 Things To Do Before I'm 40' list.
I think it would be interesting to actually see if I can do these things. No pressure or anything.

Weekly/Fortnight lists of goals. Things I need or want to do.
Especially those things I sit around thinking about doing, but never actually doing them.

I will leave my lists at that, as 3 is my second favourite number, and I can't think of 6 different lists of things I would like to write.

Au revoir

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Must have

So, today I got told that I have a 'weird' taste in music. Yes. Yes, I do. But then I was quite surprised to be told that most people hadn't even heard of some of my favourite songs...
So here is a MUST HAVE play list
I'm not even kidding. These songs are amazing.

Confused - Jack Johnson
Crystalised - The XX.
Treats - Sleigh Bells
Bring Night - Sia
Miami - Foals
All you need to know - Hungry kids of Hungary
Blood - The Middle East
There's nothing in the water - Cloud Control
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend
Rabbit Song - Boy and Bear
Don't Stop - Innerpartysystem.
Breaker - Low
Airplanes - Local Natives
Such great heights - The Postal Service
Little bit - Lykke Li
Ambling Alp - Yeasayer
Stranger Things - Local Natives
Forever and ever Amen - The Drums
Desire be, desire go - Tame Impala
Rama lama bang bang - Rosin Murphy
I walk a black dog - Enola Fall
Can't stop partying - Weezer
Tongues in Cheeks - Sugar Army
Tighten up - The Black Keys
Boyfriend - Best Coast
Polka - Yves Klein Blue
Come let go - Xavier Rudd
Sour Cherry - The Kills
Daylight - Matt and Kim
Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux
One More Chance - Bloc Party

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh my Garnet

I got.
a t-shirt
with Fred
on it

If you don't know who Fred is, please go on youtube and type in 'Fred goes swimming'.
After viewing that, watch his other videos. He is quite funny.

I heard once that if you get struck by lightning you get secret powers.

Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells

Friday, August 20, 2010

Flat Earth Society

Today we were doing longitude and latitude it maths. This confuses me profusely. Not the maths part, I understand that. Geometry is easy. But when I think too much about how the Earth is a circle I just get stuck in the land of disorientation.
Yes, I know. Gravity. But really.
An invisible magnetic force is all that's keeping us from sliding off this massive sphere?
Like, you cant walk around the streets and be like 'ohh gravity doesn't look too good there, I might just walk around that little spot.'
It just does not make sense!
And also, why do they call it the North Pole and South Pole? There's not actually a massive pole that goes through the earth like there is on globes... So why don't they just call them the North Land and South Land?
The pole part is just deceiving!
Honestly... what were the country naming people thinking?!

On a side note, my tea tastes like it has sugar in it.
Cheers mum, now I won't be able to get to sleep until 2 o'clock in the morning.

Sarah is for lovers - Blud.

Also, Flat Earth Society would be a hell cool name for a band. Just saying...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground

 Last night I had a dream where I was wearing an oversized pair of pants. They had little squares all in different colours and patterns all over them, and they looked absolutely ridiculous!
But when I was wearing these pants, I was invincible.
Somebody threw a spear at me; it went straight through me without a scratch.
I face planted in the middle of the mall; nobody saw.
I dropped my phone off a 30 storey high building; it still worked.

I must find these pants.

Pumped up kicks - Foster the People

Also, may I recommend you look up 'Pants On The Ground (REMIX) - Larry Platts and D-Pryde (American Idol Season 9)' on YouTube.
It's kind of catchy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rain, rain go away.

No seriously, please stop.
The oval at school has turned into a lake.
And I really do not appreciate soggy socks.

On a side note, we get the day off tomorrow because of the rain :)
I'm cool with that.

I also have good reason to believe that i in fact do not have any blood in my body. I have had at least 18 cups of tea today, surely there is more tea in my blood stream than blood. I can just picture it sliding through my veins.

Today while I was working, someone asked me if they could try something on. I, of course, replied with 'yes sure, the change rooms are just over there' but then I thought to myself, how would a customer react if I said 'no, you can not try that on' ? I was slightly tempted to try it, but the voice in my head told me not to. Having voices in your head are normal right? There's only 3... that speak English anyway.

kaay, time for a lolliepop and a cup of tea me thinks.
Don't stop - Innerpartyststem

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Arrogance won't get you anywhere.

So I'm in a shit terrible mood right now, so this will probably turn into a massive bitch... I apologise in advanced.

But why is it that so many people have this fixed opinion that they are so much better than everyone else?
Honestly, is it necessary to patronise people all the time over every little thing?
And why is it that when it comes to themselves, if someone doesn't show the slightest bit of consideration they get all angry, but when someone else is talking about how they feel it is insignificant?
You are not superior. You are no better than anyone else. Stop judging everyone else's abilities and trying to suggest what they are and are not capable of. It's not justified, and it's so pathetic.

Another thing which is really getting on my nerves is these people who expect so much, but don't do anything in return. I am continually going out of my way to try and make other people happy, and what do I get? I'm lucky to even get a thank you! What an unlovely way to say you care. Where have manners and common courtesy gone?

Also, today I was very bored so I decided to start reading 'Take my word for it' by John Marsden. One thing which really got to me. It was:
'I hate the way they tell everyone every single detail about themselves... If you ask me, it's dangerous. Once you start, you can't stop.'
This got me thinking, why do people make others aware of every little thing going on in their life? All I could come up with was attention. So to all you 'attention seekers' out there, the world does not revolve around you. In case you are totally oblivious to your surroundings, there are 6,697,254,040 people in the world. There are people living in poverty, people living in war zones. But all most people can seem to do lately is take things for granted. I would really like to see them switch places with one of these people living in the poorest conditions for just a day, because I think it would be simply amusing to watch how they respond, not getting everything handed to them on a plate. Then would you be thankful for everything you have? Or would you keep being greedy and selfish?

I have heard the saying 'all we ever want is more' and I have to admit, I fully agree with it. Everyday is a chance to make more money, acquire more friends, buy more clothes, maybe even gain some more knowledge if you're lucky. But when does more come too much? When does what we ask for and what we want exceed the limit? How do you measure enough? I'm not sure my trusty ruler can even help with this one.

Okay, off come the bitch pants. I guess all I'm trying to say is, people need to start being more grateful for what they have. They need to show more respect for the people close to them, or pretty soon they will all be gone. Show a bit of consideration. Listen to other people when they want to say something. Just be a little bit more tactful, a little bit nicer. Don't try to suggest what people aren't capable of achieving, instead encourage them. Don't overlook a kind gesture, conserve it, appreciate it and acknowledge it.

'I don't need to know what I'm not'
Like magic - operator please

Wow, that was a bit of a rant wasn't it...

Monday, August 9, 2010

My life in a nutshell.

So I was thinking I should probably start off with a little bit about who I am, what I am like.
Just maybe...

Well I have often been told by people who are close to me that I am very concealing and closed off regarding my emotions. I don't necessarily thinks this make me any less of a person, but I have decided to create a blog to vent my ideas and opinions, most of which don't contain too many emotions to be incredibly honest.

I have a bold appreciation for literature; an uncanny aspiration to convey and combine words. I aspire to be a journalist. I spend a lot of my time writing; lyrics, short stories, poems, ramblings, lists(which is obvious by the draft messages in my phone!), journals, quotes and essays. To say I love writing would be a blatant understatement.

I will admit I am not your average 17 year old girl. I am very individual. I despise most things mainstream. I listen to bands which most people have never heard of. I actually enjoy going to school. And I have very fixed opinions on everyday topics. I'm a bit of a nerd in the sense that I play video games and I am addicted to Tetris and Solitaire. I guess you could say I ensconce certain aspects of my life from the world not because I am fussed about others opinions or how they look at me, but simply because I am scared that they will know too much.

There are many things in this world that I love, mostly simple and ordinary things. The only things which I can not bare are llamas, gypsys, the feeling of felt or cotton wool balls, the cloths they use to wipe down tables in restaurants and clowns.

Music is my biggest admiration in the whole entire world. I am a dancer and I have been since the age of 3, and I belt out a song every now and then. There is no rational explanation for how one song can so change my mood. I love lyrics, writing them and of course listening. I have a feeling there will be a lot of music interwoven throughout this blog...

Dance, Dance, Dance - Lykke Li
This song is pretty much the closest explanation to who I am and how I live that you will ever hear.