Friday, September 24, 2010

You lay waste to the world and everything in it.

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If you haven't seen the British television show 'Skins' then you are missing out.
Even more if you have not seen season one and two.
There is a character. Cassie Ainsworth.
Something about her amazes me.
She always uses words like 'lovely' and 'wow'
And she looks at everything so differently to anyone I have ever seen before.
She is nothing short of messed up. She suffers from both anorexia and depression.

But she always seems so elated.

"I didn't eat for three days, so I could be lovely"
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"Talking of love, wow, I love love. Love is like your best friend that you don’t see a lot."
"Oh wow... but, fuck you"
"I like reading really big books with big words. And holding the book up to my face so that no one can see me. And then taking it down again, so that everyone can."
"But I like that you're funny looking. It's cute, like, wow."
"And he squashed my slug. My slug called Sidley, so I threw him out."

I like her clothes, because her style is incomparable.
I like her personality, because she is so dissimilar.

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