Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Arrogance won't get you anywhere.

So I'm in a shit terrible mood right now, so this will probably turn into a massive bitch... I apologise in advanced.

But why is it that so many people have this fixed opinion that they are so much better than everyone else?
Honestly, is it necessary to patronise people all the time over every little thing?
And why is it that when it comes to themselves, if someone doesn't show the slightest bit of consideration they get all angry, but when someone else is talking about how they feel it is insignificant?
You are not superior. You are no better than anyone else. Stop judging everyone else's abilities and trying to suggest what they are and are not capable of. It's not justified, and it's so pathetic.

Another thing which is really getting on my nerves is these people who expect so much, but don't do anything in return. I am continually going out of my way to try and make other people happy, and what do I get? I'm lucky to even get a thank you! What an unlovely way to say you care. Where have manners and common courtesy gone?

Also, today I was very bored so I decided to start reading 'Take my word for it' by John Marsden. One thing which really got to me. It was:
'I hate the way they tell everyone every single detail about themselves... If you ask me, it's dangerous. Once you start, you can't stop.'
This got me thinking, why do people make others aware of every little thing going on in their life? All I could come up with was attention. So to all you 'attention seekers' out there, the world does not revolve around you. In case you are totally oblivious to your surroundings, there are 6,697,254,040 people in the world. There are people living in poverty, people living in war zones. But all most people can seem to do lately is take things for granted. I would really like to see them switch places with one of these people living in the poorest conditions for just a day, because I think it would be simply amusing to watch how they respond, not getting everything handed to them on a plate. Then would you be thankful for everything you have? Or would you keep being greedy and selfish?

I have heard the saying 'all we ever want is more' and I have to admit, I fully agree with it. Everyday is a chance to make more money, acquire more friends, buy more clothes, maybe even gain some more knowledge if you're lucky. But when does more come too much? When does what we ask for and what we want exceed the limit? How do you measure enough? I'm not sure my trusty ruler can even help with this one.

Okay, off come the bitch pants. I guess all I'm trying to say is, people need to start being more grateful for what they have. They need to show more respect for the people close to them, or pretty soon they will all be gone. Show a bit of consideration. Listen to other people when they want to say something. Just be a little bit more tactful, a little bit nicer. Don't try to suggest what people aren't capable of achieving, instead encourage them. Don't overlook a kind gesture, conserve it, appreciate it and acknowledge it.

'I don't need to know what I'm not'
Like magic - operator please

Wow, that was a bit of a rant wasn't it...

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  1. this comment is in response to the comments on your other post, but i wanted you to know that i've read this one too :) of course i agreed with it all, as you seem to live inside my mind or something.
    BTW, you can't blog incorrectly, or insufficiently :)
    and yes, the time is retarded on here. i thought it was just me! haha, maybe because the website is based in the U.K or something, and runs on their time? Just a theory dear cousin x