Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rain, rain go away.

No seriously, please stop.
The oval at school has turned into a lake.
And I really do not appreciate soggy socks.

On a side note, we get the day off tomorrow because of the rain :)
I'm cool with that.

I also have good reason to believe that i in fact do not have any blood in my body. I have had at least 18 cups of tea today, surely there is more tea in my blood stream than blood. I can just picture it sliding through my veins.

Today while I was working, someone asked me if they could try something on. I, of course, replied with 'yes sure, the change rooms are just over there' but then I thought to myself, how would a customer react if I said 'no, you can not try that on' ? I was slightly tempted to try it, but the voice in my head told me not to. Having voices in your head are normal right? There's only 3... that speak English anyway.

kaay, time for a lolliepop and a cup of tea me thinks.
Don't stop - Innerpartyststem

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